Monday, 6 December 2010


lost the path after the midnight
mass, carol singing was over, in
the meeting points of earth and sky
the strange star was disappeared
we had reached in the different world
in the genesis of adoration, the
Christmas morning blessed with
new gift of tender, delicate silky dreams
in the dim, misty valley we sat down
beneath the wooden bridge for a
moment, keeping inclined necks to
each others shoulders, the closed
eyes had the beautiful world of love,
the sweet breeze from stream sprinkled
honey dipped flowers on our persona,
we walked holding hands to far away
church, temples, stairs of myth, all were
left behind, the hundreds Hanukkah blazed
the darkness of life defeated by love
the unknown trails welcomed us with
exquisite blossoms of heaven, here we  lost
the all religious doctrines, dogmas, symbols
liberated from the suffocated fence of
definition, unidentified object is insignificant
in these moments we reborn -------
--- shantanu sanyal