Saturday, 16 July 2011

appetency had the unlimited sky
relations changed the facet often,
sharing the laughter, smiles was
not the denotement that you had
reined on  land of fragile dreams,
might be you had won the body -
heart remained dry, acarpous
untouched planet of emotional
glassy surface, off and on we -
gazed to each other in profundity,
nevertheless real meeting point
left over in the far away horizon,
neither you understand the depth
of love nor reached by me to that
eternal destination, slash multiplied
several times, is equal to was -
cipher, the life didn't break the
equation, a cold war of sentiments
forced us to sign on the accord for
living together beneath one roof,
undecided competition laid on the
floor, defeat and victory shared the
mysterious couch, the unsatisfactory
attitude in life, unwillingly brings
two abstract soul near to nearer,
darkness increases the curiosity in
a way, we submitted the individuality,
 fear to loosing someone fills the blank,