Monday, 9 August 2010

Endless passion

Endless passion

The unbounded love, doesn’t care

The torrential rain, thunder –

Tsunami is lesser before the wild

Emotions, you have to search

Definition of tamed feeling, I know

My feelings are everlasting waves

Desires to touch the undiscovered

Skies, rarest destinations ----

Just touch me, feel the warmth of

Compacted passion, existed since

I looked you first time, the hidden

Desert roses bloomed itself –

I feel that you made for me

No one has the right to divide the

Nectar from the eternal flower –

The bunch of flowers scattered

On the chest, on the lips

Everywhere, just like your smile

Reacts and my limbs feel the

Sensation, what’s mistake, if

I kissed you, nothing the abnormal

Rocks have life too, for soaking

The rain drops after the burning

Himself for centuries ----

Erosion by rapid wind of world

Didn’t smashed my persona

My life is waited for you

Ever since origin of ameba ---

Millions years passed my love

Remained untouched in the

Evolution of emotion

I conserved, saved my dream

To touch you, to submerged you

Inside my heart, body and soul

What’s wrong if our souls and body

Reciprocal and became the equation

It s decided by the nature

No one has the power

To spilt the flow of two streams

Named he and she – colors, shape

Beauty or quality doesn’t matter

Love doesn’t think, it s blind

Ever ending relation wants

To live and die together ---

---- shantanu sanyal