Tuesday, 11 October 2011


on that artifice climax life doesn't find out,

way to escape, longing to get more than 

 receipt, dust clouds makes illusive circle,

for proving identity, persona doesn't fear

to remove the chastity, and that slipping,

gradually brings the perception towards 

the mirage, unnoticed the antelope runs

in the  nigrescence of wilderness toward

the hunter, until arrow  pierces the heart, 

screams had the short life, very fast the

woodland becomes the silent, as nothing 

is happened, cycle of creation moves in 

its axis in perpetual way, I live or die, they

do not care, they have own preference,

Infatuation in this point desires quick 

liberty, to know self importance, such is

life, if think every thing is yours, otherwise 

everything is evanescent, in company of

some moment, it's capacious exchange.