Thursday, 30 December 2010


whispering wind of tender dawn-

softly sprinkled the scented memory,

in the immediacy someone touched

the heart reluctantly, i found some

innocent moments as a kid hiding the

face in to folds of curtain to say

sorry, immature love had the short

story, in the velvety winter evening,

i remember still the first kiss, near the

stairs of roof, in the slight darkness,

an unknown shivering didn t allow

us to sleep on that night, a sweet fear

or a beautiful feeling created a big

difference in the morning, we lived

in each others neighborhood, when

met again, a hindrance or shyness was

visible between the waves of eyes,

a mute graceful agreement gradually

grown to writing the letters in obscure

style, what to write, we wasted hours,

in last only one sentence - i love you

forever, actually in teen aged, we had

no lexicon for expressing the emotion,

later season converted the sides rapidly

the river s shrinkage was fast as in summer,

the depth of valley became shallow before

to write the mature love letter, she

had been relocated to other town, i had

only now some incomplete poetries ---