Wednesday, 29 December 2010


the all embracing the beauty of spring
diverted my heart on you, the carnival
of blossoms emerged in your persona,
colored dews painted in a manner, that
the exquisite of seventh heaven strewn
with open handed, once looking you, i
have no sense of this planet, wings of
unexplained bliss twisted my whole life,

the assent of adoration from your smile
gone through my nerves in a sweet way,
muscles of body feel revival of passion,
as aggressive emotion were tamed by
the love, you have caged  the mind,soul
every thing my dear in a beautiful, unique
astonishing art, here nature influenced
by you, it borrowed the secretes of love,

the flowering valley stretched the arms
to embrace me, i refused, because my
love is devoted to you, no more in my
possession, it s gone in the first sight to
you, i couldn t love again to someone!
--- shantanu sanyal