Saturday, 25 December 2010


In the blizzard night, hoary glows
scattered the mystical feelings,
the emotions inclined, standing
hours near the medieval basilica,

the reflection of moon light from
the snow roofed mountains, dells
i waited for you, embracing the
delicate dreams to chest, silently
i looked the hazy sky, the hamlet
is under the grip of sound sleep,

an indigo beam of promise, slowly
emerging far away from your eyes,
gradually the light becomes larger
and larger, the congealed moment
before the dawn, melted glaciers of
ecstasy flooded as the caged night
liberated from arms of aloofness,

sweet kisses remind me the meaning
of life, i wiped the window panes
robins were twittering twig to twig, in
the tender light of sun, i looked the
soggy roses desiring to unfold petals,

your inclined face touching to my
shoulders, silky hands encircled to
my chest, heart, neck, as climber
of wild, in the golden line of horizon,
spring is knocking the heart softly!
the life was not so beautiful before.