Thursday, 23 December 2010


The hundreds cherry blossom
crossed the casement frames,
out spreads the branches
let it encroach into the heart,
you are silent but indication of
passion flies through the blues,
i peeped numerous times from
the dense window, you called
again and again, unfurling the
handkerchief, embroideries of
seasons on the heart, made you
restless, how to meet you, the
distance between us, not only the
flowers, some hidden spines of
weeds, waiting vigorously to seize,
on the street, under the gulmohar
tree, please write the meaning of
love, by the twig, on the wet soil,
i would be reached on moonlight
its promise, wait for me on the
abandoned fort of city end, just
try to recognize my soul, in the
wall of castle written in riddles,
decipher somewhere my address!