Thursday, 23 December 2010


i did not say any thing on that
evening, swear by you only
before the anonymous herb
rosemary or basil i do not
know, fragrance emerged as
a perception of temple with
numerous aromatic flowers,

fumes or miasma, in the dark
touched my lips with breath,
i did not say any thing, the chest
felt sensation of humidity or bliss
difficult to analyze, an earthen
lamp seemed far away under the
century old banyan tree, exhaled
last feeble flame, night invaded
or forced by desires, i did not

the hanging river bride on the
vast river, trembled by passing
high speed train or the passion,
i did not remember, my friend
i did not say any thing to cyclone
though in a moment planet was
changed, or catastrophe the dream
i did not say any thing, i looked you
far away,

disappearing slowly the
image or divine vows in the gloom
i did not call you, because it was too
late to run after the shadows, i did
say any thing, you played the game,
on your terms, won, pleased, gone,
whatever, i reconstructed the life
in my way, i did not say any thing
about the compacted tale of the
twilight, because i loved you only,
it s true, that never oath for that ---