Monday, 13 December 2010

the premature death

twilight moon is appeared on the blues
little late, all the birds reached to their
nests, some night quills are twitchy too,
sapphire darkness is filling slowly the bliss
of dreams, we are sitting holding hands,
beneath the banyan tree, moon light is
synthesizing your oval shaped, beautiful
face, hanging roots are like the desires
going in the depth of earth to fetch the
wet, in the mist of milky light my image
i can see clearly in your big dove eyes,
i have had many questions to ask you, but
after touching your soft fingers i felt that
its too earlier to go nearer to the blaze of
immortal oneness, let dream to be more
matured, i will wait for you somewhere
on the stairs of ancient temple, as one day
i believe you would be passed through my
persona, just like monsoon rains, out burst
of dream clouds, than i will touch your soul
until that a space is de riguer between us
the exchanging of breathing is expected, its
natural for two bodies, but ahead, its not 
easy to travel in the corporal waves, it will
finish the romance of life, just let me to know
the depth of love, the flowering valley
its too earlier my friend to collect the fragrance
let blossom swirl the environment, with full
beauty, my heart just stretched the flow of 
love,please surf on it with full liberty as you 
wish, i do not want the premature death of
chaste adoration ----
---- shantanu sanyal