Monday, 13 December 2010

depth of silence

before the crack of dawn some
flowers dropped on the surface
of adjoined the stable blue lake,
trails of night goes through the
mysterious wild of sentiments,
i looked you standing hours, on
the wooden bridge of tiny stream
the flow of adoration is slowly
passing towards the lovely dream,
the precincts of my imagination
says your eyes have something
unique allure, forced to meet
though you never called in a way
that i could left the world in a moment
nevertheless i submitted the soul
to you, depth of silence is a riddle
i accepted the stairs to serpent fangs
let time has to decide i would be
winner or fall down to genesis of
stream in unknown enigmatic point,
in the nerves of heart your love
passes all the time, i know one day
you would be traveled with me in
the life as the everlasting companion,
glasses have brittleness with truth too
mind, heart,soul wants to release the arid
negativeness, as love has no artificial
flavor, its natural free from blemish
here heart wishes liberation from the
clutches of controversial  birth, death
purification of soul or riddles, logics of
human made psychology, philosophy
the mingling of two hearts is a divine
truth, and needed only chaste love infinite  -
--- shantanu sanyal