Sunday, 5 December 2010


why you wake me in the midnight
the dreams were tender, immature
wandering carelessly in dense forest,
why you hugged me in intense way
just now flowers filled my perception
with passionate aroma of wild bloom,
why you kissed me with agitated lips
before few moments, mist moisturized
my face with millions tiny soft petals,
why you submerged me in the chest
a minute ago i was a liberated river of
gradient, flowing towards the deep sea,
why you enclosed my body in muscles
before some seconds i bloomed from
the bud, fragrances are in the heart,
why you twisted my persona vigorously
just wait,let me recollect the broken
dreams, season is not a term of a night
as your desires, to excavate the subtle
emotions,do not waste the yearning
let me wake up myself with volcanic way.
---- shantanu sanyal