Sunday, 5 December 2010


voyaging the charming physical path, we
we had the equally sharing some covenants,
the darkness forced us to explore the
hidden untouched destination of many
bizarre but dazzling honey spots,
lifting the contentment moments
by the lips, fingers, eyelashes, toes or
speechless deep observations by breath
whatever media, we reached up to heart,
window panes were opaque or the
obvious, does not matter after the extreme
desire, wilderness has no curtains,
flowers scattered the nectar, over flowed
though bees were belated arrivals,
here nature keeps continue exchange
of love, corporal fragrance flies in the
winds, encirclement of our relation
had the beauty of Eden, unknown but
charismatic pleasures ignited the inner
flames, nothing is unethically steps
barren valleys have dreams too, they
wished the rampant rains and clouds -
touched the mountain peaks, streams
have been converted the violent rivers,
the night after nights, endless travelling
through each other s persona we became
addicted of love, passionated to submerge
the life in the flood of radical moments,
--- shantanu sanyal