Thursday, 16 December 2010


how to show the feelings, that
i sacrificed whole the world for
you, the heartfelt smile forced
me to set aside all the relations,

though i know my love is not a
final destination,might be -
across the sky some floral aura
waiting for us to emphasize, the
everlasting love of two hearts,

we traveled frequently among
the cosmic garden, flowers of
sky given us beautiful feelings too,
my share of galaxies, i decorated
on your emotions, contentment

i dispersed all the dreams on your
persona, i loved you as waves
love to full moon, breath the last
on the edge for endless way

the definition of birth to death
equation goes through your eyes
my life is inhabited eternally on the
your cloudy, dense eyelashes, never
allow the tear drop to fall down,
please ---

i desire to live some more moments
in your proximity, no need the longer

- shantanu sanyal