Tuesday, 14 December 2010


confession drape was transparent
i looked your face across the mirror
you enveloped the untitled mystery,
by beautiful words changed the story,

not simple to twist the reality, i had
committed mistake in the life, that s true
but how, you would be denied that
your soul is untouched by impurities,

the past is standing on the witness box
just look around you, might be somewhere
the dual persona is hanging on wall
before the declaration of verdict, look the
perception, than refuse my identification,

in the darkness or broad day light, how you
betrayed yourself, exploited the emotions
in the shield you exchanged the body, soul
brain, desires, lust, killed the feeling every
moments, the closed accommodations have
had eyes, physically you transformed , but
spirituality is your acting, you have to share
the punishment too, my friend, you couldn t
be a God, you have no right to force me for
confession, human stings existed forever,

you couldn t refuse your face in the mirror,
-- shantanu sanyal