Thursday, 9 December 2010


the beauty of life lost somewhere
we forgot the sharing the elation,
in the zenith was once our trust for
perception of grief,in the depth the
emotional flow is dried out, a doubt
is multiplied like the cancer, relations
became the venomous wild blossom,
in the genesis of humanity we have
migrated in different directions to get
a genteel land, we have settled, made
the great civilizations, the wilderness
we thought left us before centuries,
but the myth remained as usual with
religious doctrines, polluted day by day
the hunger to rule the planet made
by us, fanatic evolution of characters
reversed, failed to understand the sacrificed
souls for humanity, and followed the man
who had put the seeds of hatred, the
centuries passed we did not confessed
the sin, adopted the path to kill the
unbelievers, actually we never matured,
destroyed the planet, we once considered
this garden as a promise land for survival
the abhorrence made it desert of skeleton,
--- shantanu sanyal