Wednesday, 8 December 2010


analysis of life is difficult to express
in the few lines, another birth is needed
to complete the epics of desires
a dream to see every body is blooming
face, a relation of transparency,
we never reached to level of divinity,
the pledge to liberate the inner darkness
we wandered on the self circle only,
in the dense forest of life,trails confused
we returned back always on the origin,
the endless thirst made us desert
we forgot to unfold the enclosed heart,
self orientation never allowed us to
feel the others breathing ,smiles have
had some hidden pains too, we never
gone through the caves of emotions,
our affection had the restricted margins
hence life remained isolated with egos,
your kisses, hugs, nearness doesn t work
unsatisfied soul  cried for release all the time
actually we loved ourselves more than
others,the reality we never confessed
definition of life was very simple, easy but
desires to get more than imagination, made
us arid travelers, in the end stars predicted
the wrong direction, belated our arrivals
after reaching so called oasis, lake had been
dried, the surface of salt was extended its area
far away the ocean was laughing loudly,
--- shantanu sanyal