Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Just wait ------

swirled my emotion in the rainy nights
you could not escape easily, rhythm of
humid breath would be chased you for
miles, throbbing of heart is settled in
your soul enduringly, exchanging of life
is completed, how could be possible it
to eras the fragrance from the heart,
whenever rains will touch the window
panes, restless curtains will say you the
tale of previous nights, just do not forget
to listen the voice of loving moments,
 could not be able to remove my image
tough the frame, glass have been wrecked
in the crazy wind do not open the doors
 secret pages of life would be flown away
don t miss the passion to get the rain drops
collection on the palms from the balcony
might be ivy climbers are touching to upper
terrace or lost the path in to the bougainvillea,
i believe, the bulbs of tuber lilies are surviving
still under the wet soil,just wait, up to
winter, you will feel my presence through the
wind in the full moon light, i have saved some
moisturized aroma to gift you, please
just wait ------

----- shantanu sanyal