Tuesday, 7 December 2010


loosing to some one in the life is not only
grief in the life my friend, some
broken stars have no sky though
they have illuminated before extinction,
loving to some one is not only one
ultimate destination, its a new genesis
of emotion to experience others pain,
wishing to merge the heart
in stranger s miseries indicates that
our existence has some meaning too,
the vast valley converted in blossom
the overshadowed some plants have
lost their identification, eyes moved
only above the brilliant colors, left over
some blooms never to be reached to maturity
we did not really become a Santa, though
lesser destiny s buds raised the petals
the flow of love had been dried or-
our self centered, circle prohibited them
we did not feel the moisture of eyes
actually we never loved any one by heart
just outer layers appealed us for passion
how to explain my friend, there is a massive
unexplored planet of life in side the chest
dilution of love made us only for corporal
pleasure, we just excavated the body,
did not reach in the depth of love valley.
--- shantanu sanyal