Saturday, 18 December 2010


i did not get the path in the
interweave of you adoration
as in the solar eclipse, birds
confused to find the way
between light and darkness,

the profound, unsolved dialect
of your eyes made the moment
mystified, as bees sometimes
becomes speechless after looking
the beautiful paper flowers,

i do not know the final touch
creation, heart has been changed
an abstract art, caption is hidden
in your mind, the thirst is ocean,
the fidelity has grown, as ardent
feelings want to bloom, flare- up
the beauty of concealed sweet flames,

life moves in the orbit of your
persona, own axis is worthless, futile
in your reflection only my planet
glow, without you life is moonless
dense night, the thread is in your
fingers, breathing turned kites,
blinking eyelashes have influenced
the up down waves of heart,

my life is existed only in your smiles
the chest is the valley of volcano
your consent has the endless rains,