Friday, 8 April 2011


Every day I discovered you, each instant
You came nearer to heart, these gestures
Have its different planet, the silent lingua
Franca, sometimes the pretext creates
Rains, at the same time signals makes the
Havoc, in your escort life gets meaning,
To read your face, to know your desires
A whirlwind pulls, polarizes the emotion
I found vulnerable myself, surrender the
Masculinity, the rain downpours, the sky
The silly forecaster, just smiles looking my
Defeat, without clouds it is raining entire
Night, often your planet terminates up to
Me, when my world initiates loving you!
This beautiful equation of life creates
Impossible task possible, adventurous
Feeling enforce me to explore the life, a
Thirst to know realism I prepare to go
Through the ring of fire, blind valley, any
Thing, which could be please you, this
Challenge in life returns the maleness, I
Find you more nearer to my persona, the
Wholeness, totality, surrounds with your
Continuation in my life, this proves the
The theory of Ardhanarishwar,* beautiful
Hinduism s philosophy says every man s
Left part body is belong to female, this
Belief enforces me to respect you more and
More that your existence in my life is
Not only meaningful but significant too, I
Love you infinite way as a part of my body,


(* ardh means half and nari means female, ishwar for god)
This is one of form of Shankar or Mahadev deity