Wednesday, 16 February 2011


generate some new magnitude, exceptional
fondness, a formation beyond the dream, i feel
suffocation, do not say same thing continuously!
it seems like mercy killing, whenever you met
said several times, that you can do any thing!
let liberate the emotion from the shackles of
abstraction, that morning is bloomed in different
colors, life wants refresh wind of passion, just
invent the unknown objectives, its boring to
see each other s face hours and hours, in a
constant manner, imagine a separate planet of
beautiful feelings, my heart does not want
to stay in a sequence of flowers, mountain
river, sea, let elope from this routine headache!
think for some other virgin island, a crater
of crystal and gems, a garden of rare flowers,
no prejudice, no discrimination, no external layers
let go to primitive era, pure wilderness!
no envy, no apprehensive, no tension for future,
please come out from the dark caves, sky is clear
let explore the real beauty of life, my heart
desires to fly away, over all- inclusive landscape,
remove the artificial mask, replace the tiredness
today we have been decided to create the
unusual planet of love, no other commitment.