Thursday, 17 February 2011


sleepless night enforced me to write!
often i strived to reconstruct, the
dispersed pieces of clouds, tried to
collect the feeble twigs to make a nest,
fire of forest bloomed with lacy leaves
tuber roses spread out with fanatical
perfumes,whole the night i changed
the sides, dreams were flying above the
meadows, emotional delicate hands
could not touch to wings of butterflies!
i screamed loudly, echoes were lost, in
the dell tribal were singing, dancing with
passionate rhythm, muscled hands were
beating the dreams, the scale of chorus
illuminating the night, as fireflies creating
the magic, lethargic eyes gazed the sky!
moon has vanished, leaving some memoirs
some kisses, embracing moments, some
pages of solitude, some drops of smile or
the script of fingers on the body, galaxies
still breathing by touch of moonlight,
far- flung in the tune of flute, love melodies
mesmerizing the heart, soul, each parts
of sensation, stirring the dreams violently!
how to explain the gratitude or apprehension
as you loved me, fascinated the life, hence
the sleep less night asked the questions,
i do not know the exact reason -
why it is happened ?