Friday, 18 February 2011


latent my emotions awaken in the midnight
in the hoary circle of moon, i looked some
stratums of dark colors scattered by you ,
the envious your eyes unfolded the saga,
moon has won my heart, you knew very
well, the artificial colors faded by clouds
slowly, the moving face you have smiled, i
caught you raid handed, its different, that
you did not accepted the counterfeit, the
moon criticized through the wind, clouds!
the conspiracy was not obscured, in twilight
said by you that tonight is moonless
night, i believed on you! now clandestine is
unfolded, fragrance of passion is outburst,
the deception in the love was exceptional,
the moon as well, cherished your approach,
the bliss in your eyes was apparent, submit
of defeat or victory has no bigotry, i loved
the bewilderment, given heart to you! who
thinks to the morning if night is so stunning?
in the multitude of luminaries, sometimes a
candle illuminates the perception, life has no
more choice to recognize the authenticity,
my heart was laid under the shaft of black
ashed volcano, centuries passed,approved
by only you, the gleam emerged, covered the
moon, as you loved me, converted in rhombus!