Thursday, 24 February 2011

mosaic mood

the narrative of life is endless -
replicating art grows the eagerness
to know more untouched dimension,
the secret of face was nothing, as you
pasted some smile after loving me -
the feeling to get you near the heart
is the latest news, it is astonished that
spring tide emerged from the persona!
life feels secure under the umbra of
eyelashes, inclined face towards chest,
unknown bliss beneath the eclipse,
the dust sand, droplets, mingled in wind
the tornado passed dynamically, while
cosmos looks more beautiful sparkly,
in the horizon, thin shimmering lines
interlacing the twilight and mystic night
the crystal of dream is decorated by a star
between your two lips end, the sweet
swirl instigates passion to over flow the
love, in the enclosure bloom mushroomed
keen to expand the blossom with mellow!
life was like a medieval fresco, faded
later meeting with you, renaissance back
the floating colors on the beach says
time to sink in the depth of mosaic mood,
the heart vibrates in the subtle way, as
the rain droplets falls slowly on the lotus leaves.