Friday, 25 February 2011


in the colossal cipher the world
hangs with prospects of doldrums
the left over nebula carries the
message of compassion, some of
beautiful spirits with love and virtue
stretched the arms to embrace the
bleeding humankind, in the cries
screams, smokes, starvation, pain
the wounded civilization who taught
whole the life, entire brotherhood
love beyond the blood relation across
the planet believe of equality it stands
with swirling, dwindling legs to hug
the remained innocent Homo sapiens!
the submerged earth gradually appears
from the oriental sky the infinite ray
of optimism, innovative creation of love
emerges, dipped in the tender scarlet
color of sky, life flies above the horizon
the residues of evil mind, in the end
surrendered their proud, arrogance,wilds
allowed their children to play in the
liberated garden of newly bloomed flora
and novel fauna, the extinct birds began
singing, the erased rainbow reappeared!
the broken statues of love and trust
breath the fresh oxygen filled by
antique line- vasudhaiv kutumbkam *
the whole world is a family, love
the real and ultimate truth, let live and
let other to survive with their dreams
the imaginary symbols are not so worthier
than the smiles of kids, the last glow
of wrinkles, the fragrance of vivid blossom.
*sanskrit line -the whole world is a family,