Wednesday, 23 February 2011


nebulous smile said the truth as
you hidden the desire prolong
milky way was little perplexed,
blues have no hesitation to touch
the depth of your life long eyes!
the game of hide and seek, flashed
the pulsate of heart, the tip of finger
slowly ignited the sleeping crusts
escaping from the smokes, lava, often
becomes the question, volcanic love
has challenged the biosphere, the
wet clouds in last surrogates the thirsty
chest of mountains, in the life many
times, before the decision, moments
do not wait for willingness, it flows
unpredicted, runs towards the slope!
the bunch of beautiful tuber roses
wanted to keep the fragrance inner
the epicenter since the tender twilight,
the magic of moon created invisible
magnetic pores, the skin deep sensation!
fragrance had no other way except
obedience, wind did not wait longer, fill
whole the breathing for survival, originated
from the wild valleys, by birth i am free
as a river, your oceanic disposition has no
way just engulf to my violent waves.