Tuesday, 1 February 2011


blooming hilly terrains under the
shadow of clouds, as the shaman
sitting on the plateau since decade,
silent moment becomes full of life,
whenever two hearts goes parallel
from these unfamiliar crisscross trails,
echoes of their whisper go through
stem to leaf, branches to twigs, buds
feels the sensation unfold the petals,
twin breath synthesizes the passion,
the soft rays pass through the canopy
to the ground, germinates the seed
of love, tender leaves create dreams in
their moisturized eyes and fill colors
on sweating faces, lips scatter the
perfumes, flowers bloom in full sway,
in the landscape the flimsy beam of sun
fuse the ecstasy of life open handily,
in this beautiful daybreak, two hearts
fly in the liberated planet in self way,
over the waterfalls, across the wild flow,
they created the colored clouds on
the edge of mysterious smoky horizon.