Thursday, 27 January 2011


beneath the mammoth banyan tree, the
darkness of evening and the terracotta
lamp, shares some hidden truth of life,
the land of canopy meanwhile, busy in
loud conversation,about sharing the bed,

in  nearby hamlet the breath of relation,
searches horizons to create the dreams,
in this rare moments we are sitting near
the river bank, the evening sky had left
some glittery color shades of butterflies,
in your gorgeous face, as the full moon
rises amongst the dark clouds, the life
sparkles in your eyeballs, for sometimes,

the silent between us tells love stories, we
walk on the silvery wet sand or on the
stars ! the wind of autumn fills the space
unknown delicate scent of the heart
creates the romantic mist in the wilderness,

the trails of passion go through lips to
soul, in these periods we miss the planet,
in the distance the birds are now silent,
the smokes of roofs have been condensed,
the moon has contributes superfluous glow
we have been lost each other s arms on the
rocks, do not call us from the far away dawn!
let us sleep for decades under the sky for
infinite, as we do not want to go back more!