Monday, 7 February 2011


the endless fire in the heart, oozing
wounds on the body, i traveled alone
on the track of life, do not ask my dear
the realism of survival, breathing was too
sometimes sold for few coins, the flesh
bones, blood, heart, kidney are nothing!

emotions were auctioned, this world has
no mercy, nobody loves the ugliness on
others face, in the darkness he touches
with soft fingers on the self old injuries,
screams have no echoes, someone cried
standing on the rains whole the night, no
more proof, as many times dry eyes have
nothing to explain the revenge of cyclone!

life is not only flowering valley, the pain
of germination, creation, bearing on the lap
i looked the woman in severe winter night !
sitting on footpath, isolated, discarded
gazing the deserted sky, searching the lost
moment of a child s birth, life has no
explanation, where and how we detached
the hands of beloved ones, heart is very
unstable as the thin clouds, do not know
the scattering location, i know, today you
love me, and prepared to go through the fire
of ring, my terrains have lot of blossom but
is not true that butterflies are migratory creature?