Friday, 4 February 2011


the stipulation to explore the depth
of love was predetermined by you,
the provocative desires, made me only
medium, you forced me for seduction,
in that scorching midday, did not you
exploit me,steadiness of obstinacy
and fraudulence! i looked into the eyes,
as the numerous toxic fruits hanging in
a tree, near the highway, trekkers passing
but no one fascinated to get them, here
my emotions inverted, consequence is
unveiled, i touched, torched the fire, the
fatality is gone through mind to heart,
carping to each other was just flee, why
should hide the face in the palms, mirror
knows the moles, wound spots, nail marks!
in that April, tremendous warmth of noon
abridged to some altitude, as in the dusk
the pre monsoon rain had moisturized the city,
standing on the veranda of seventh floor
we looked the down, as bonsai plants were
moving from one end to other destinations,
the pleasure surfaced in your connived
beautiful eyes, this winning attitude brought
the unwanted tornado in your calm life,
i had nothing to say on that twilight, loving or
controlling someone s persona is different!