Thursday, 3 February 2011


in the lilac dark space under the thrived,
inclined trees of pallid bloom, twig roofed,
breathings were secluded, in the western
blues, isolated star witnessed the ignition
of two souls, floating moon peered only,
far- off on the shoreline, stable waves had
written the poetries, patting the fingers as
you weaved the emotion on my stiff hairs,
in the indigo mountains, orchid creepers
expanded, new shoots to embrace the wild
mammoth fig tree, anonymous creatures of
darkness, began the chorus song of extreme
compliance, lower the valley inclusive hush,
ingested the moon light, as you tranquil,
on the flow of my heart, chest, the persona!
galaxies had been bequeathed the beauty
and glow on us, stripped sky sacrificed all the
bliss to fill the passion in those tiny moments,
we crossed the mystical dreams to realism,
after the night had extinct on the sphere,
love scattered the life on the eastern sky, with
beautiful floral designs of clouds, rays, aura of
haunting relationship of immortal elements,
the ice age of past night released the glaciers
in the reflection of soft light, spring is smiled!