Saturday, 26 February 2011


in the chronicle of invisible power
footages are not kept pending, every
moment is going to record, you
believe or not! its eventual destiny of
life, sometimes the internal pain
reflects speechlessly, the outcome is
found beyond the imagination, once
debt bearer man is insulted by money-
lender, the depressed man only
wished death for affluent, in next
moment no more breathing by rich, co
incidences are not only eye of mind !
the exchanging is the part of life, how
much we have received or given
the balance sheet does not wait for
rebirth, the life has to face the result,
this calculation goes by the circular way
clergy man was buried near my bones!
in the midnight i looked he was weeping
vigorously hiding face into ankles !
the injustice chases after the death, do
not wait for last judgment, he realized
the truth, that he was the first person
who oppressed my life, in the darkness
of imaginary symbols, in the mystical light!