Thursday, 3 March 2011


Stratum of fragile emotion existed on
the facade of heart, it could be felt only,
the nature introduced the affection by
the nectar, it falls drop by drop whole the
time, the minuscule pores absorbs the
sweet flow of invisible ray from beloved s
eyes, lips, touch, just like a rose opens
the petals slowly, little by little in the first
light of morning, strange indigo winged
bird whistles, response swiftly comes from
the buddy may be sitting on the thriving
branch of gulmohar*tree, the toddler Sun
looks surreal way to you, lifting the bloom
one by one cautiously avoiding to mash
the flower with wet wavy hairs on the face,

Looked across the window, the collected
emotion are going in sequence to create a
garland for someone, may be God of love!
sitar** s recitation fills the color of devotion,
I looked from terrace, you offering the water
to the Sun, praying with joint hands, the
fingers become stable on the string wires -
music is emerged with you from the neighbor
roof ! the scatter wet rhythm,brings wind rapidly
the wetland sustained moisture since centuries
life goes towards the comprehensiveness !


*   fire of forest - lacy leaves tree
** musical Indian instrument