Friday, 4 March 2011


Round the clock someone is existed
saying gently the saga of overlapping
the persona, the dark clouds envelop
step by step the Moon s dominance,
anxiety has a different world of feelings
the imperceptible contentment walks
all the way through the vine path, life
becomes the wakeful night, self debate
initiates the dream knitting as ethereal
scent of love, reacts unknowingly in the
depth of heart, spirit runs behind the
hazy valleys of wild blooms, olive green
creepers, wind knocks the window -
with strange whirr, the hidden insects
on the trunk of tall tree makes chorus,
wings vibration spreads all over the dell,
in the basin of emotion the image appears
gradually, low tuned symphony of nature
brings you nearer to the heart, so close to
the life, i feel the clammy breath, politely
invisible touch grips the muscles, bones
nerve - center opens the millions desires!
physical chemistry roams as night gypsy,
luminaries of sky gyrate around the Moon!
rocky terrains all of sudden becomes
the cosmos on the earth, poems are born
with tender buds on the chest of desert !