Saturday, 5 March 2011

TERRA INCOGINITA ( unexplored land )

Terra incognita was my heart before
meeting you, a quiecent island
resurrected the desires when waves of
adoration submerged the flora - fauna
mangroves beauty of your intimacy
designed the unexplained modern art
on canvas of life, day by day I integrated
tidal moments has broken the shoreline
the world was looked like an isolated
boat floating far away, fading slowly!
in this impressive period we left the way
of evolution,followed the primitiveness,
the golden waves of ocean later mixed
with silvery rays, night concentrated by
the dark colours to make the bonding thick,
in the nucleus night we have written the
the promising epic on the wet sand, the
sadistic waves were influenced by us, later
they left the arrogance, became calm -
lay down all the pride, superlative complex
whole the night they touched softly our
body with lullaby songs, dreams created
mysterious geometrical art on the exposed
corporal planet, in the break of day, we
observed the heart is tatooed with love signs !