Wednesday, 24 November 2010

the boomerang

life doesnt want always compromise
the moon faces may be created
by astral calculation, predictions,
here my heart rules the the planet
mind shows the path to follow the
perception of my own decision,
how to blame others or destiny
i have grown my self the future seeds
here no scope is remained my friend
to face the consequences of past deeds,
the relation between me and mirror
might me not always cordial, because
image says the bitter truth, my sins
and benevolence were unbalanced,
the self consciousness was not so easy,
but veiling the face is the crime
unknowingly i hurled the boomerang
numerous times and received multiple
injuries in the return, its happened,
i did not compromise the facts and
confession forced me to kneel down,
here the planet left me alone forever.
-- shantanu sanyal