Saturday, 4 September 2010

the truth of relationship

ethics i rejected, in the love
purity is the old concept, do not
mingle the elements, which are
in reality meaningless, the radical
emotions are the ultimate point
for submission of body, brain
heart, blood, whole organic parts
performed beautifully in the passion,
the divine powers let you release
to accept and give the pleasure,
the natural appeal is based on it
doctrines, dogmas couldnt change,
the human mind, homo, straight
every one wants the physical zeal,
the world of survival refuse the
hypothesis, the living organism
wants the alternate way to liberate
its desires, medium is created by
mind, an individual select his way,
just how to get pleasure in the
available moments, as quick possible
its main relationship, may be
concealed, may be open chapter --
-- shantanu sanyal