Saturday, 4 September 2010

the memorable moments

the embellished covert moments
between two yearning souls,let me
disclose, romance desire bloom,
did you remember, the first bed
sharing night, the throbbing heart,
the winter evening with some
bunch of red roses i kissed you,
crimson face became scarlet in a
moment, when did dark appear
we had no sense, how the clothes
vanished, emotions became the wild
you reminded me in the indication
to closing the doors, when passing
the living room, to close the entrance,
i faced the big mirror, found myself
just the statue of david, muscles
were ardent, nerves stretched, wow -
awesome physics, commented by you,
almost i leaped, might be you
little hurt, that was fanatic love,
did you remember, i said you sorry
extreme pleasure reflected your face,
brown eyes were smiling in mystery,
tiny unknown flowers were bloomed
on the surface down the abdomen,
sweat droplets were peeing on the
chest as the dew on the pinnacles of
tender grass, in that chilly night , we
slept, undressed whole the night,in the
ray of dawn, we lost again in the mystic
planet, embracing to each other, the re tidal
waves, given us a new meaning of life,
suddenly, strange knock on the door,
we were laughing in low volume, searching
the our lost clothes, that was a memorable
night of complete submission - - - -
-- shantanu sanyal