Friday, 3 September 2010

just loving you

i professed, facing the mirror
the reflection of your love is
infiltrated, skin stomas released
the aroms, jasmine bloomed
alcoholic eyes unfolded the truth
though i didnt drink the wine,
the entire night, torrential rains
pour the soul, heart, the persona,
the ruins of babylon, pyramids
in the fresco of tajmahal,the world
over the secret of our relation,
scattered as the unrestrained waves
braks the coast, over flow the
horizons, i found myself, lost
somewhere in between elegent lines
of your lips, breasts, on the
silky eyelashes, i do not know
just loving you i experienced
the planet exchanged its beauty
by the dream, - the flowering valley
love droplet, dripping one by one
from the needle point of lotus petal
pink daises have replaced your
velvet gown, envious eyes desire to
remove them, one by one i want to
wrap the body by the millions
thirsty kisses -
my desires became the intense blaze
after loving you, just loving you --
-- shantanu sanyal