Sunday, 5 September 2010

the dripping ivy

verdant mountains, first day
of monsoon, rain dispenced the
valley, tender bamboo leaves
gazing with new dreams
folliage under the ash
wet wings, life desire to fly
touching to my heart your
closeness fills the new colors,
the dazzling violet wild bloom
looks as the amethyst breathing
on the green canvas of nature,
the wet venus body you look
like an angel holding my hands,
dripping the ivy creeps on the
muscles, whenever you touch me
the unexplained sensation
creates stimulating the passion,
the desire born to kiss you
love wants to attach the persona
near to the heart, eternally, everlasting
droplets falling from your curly hair
fuel the wilderness, makes me
mischievous,crazy masculinity
lips starts dwindling, fingers
desire to touch fervently, without
any ashamed feelings, the rain
says to me, just take the shelter
under the shadow of your beautiful eyes,
dont waste the time, just embrace
and to be lost in the unknown destination,
rain thrusts me again, i lost the self influence
sorry for consequent, i loved you.
-- shantanu sanyal