Monday, 6 September 2010

over looked the face

a mass loving figure
symbol of idealistic thought
aristocratic look with natural beauty
in the peak of succcess
every one considered a living example
wherever he gone, flooded by fans
and wellwishers
a long line to get the autograph
garland, clapping hands - -
and shouting - love you - - love you
it was the past, passed away slowly
he didnt know, when season is changed
mirror is broken ---grey hair reminded
sitting in the one room apartment
the unknown lane of the metro
looking some black and white
photoes, news paper cuttings, and the wall
discolored, merged in to the algae ---
perhaps, he doesnt knew that
broken glasses never be united
it to be replaced, a substute is required
it is the world of proxy, alternatives are
available in each of corner ---
a procession is passed across the life
he had been left far away in the back
unable to run behind the shadows
the planet over looked his face
a gone astray --- omitting name -- friendless
often he used to talk the lost moments
and sung the old melodies in the shacking voice
neighborhood guys were said, its gone case
the dusted broken mirror
always wait for his lost smile ---
every one salute the rising sun !
--- shantanu sanyal