Saturday, 25 September 2010

the whirl of esteems

discontented soul raised the hands
currents of river suppressed desires,
tried to cross the whirl of esteems but
not succeed to bisect from you, dear!
depth of relation was so crystal clear,
whenever tried to submerge all the-
land of blossom adjoining in the life,
couldnt raze the bridge of affection,
obsessed thirst converted a form of
submission, i gripped persistently in
the trap of passionate your persona,
tried to release from the shadow of
beautiful eyes, i dwindled on the lips,
the monsoon streams are engrossed
by the prolong arid valleys of hillocks,
tiny attractive flowers were bloomed
on the thorny wet land, as clouds had
been replaced by smiling rainbow of
your graceful love, sign of triumph,
defeated my masculine angles, reshaped
to embrace you with complete devotion.
--- shantanu sanyal