Friday, 24 September 2010

did you think its the only everlasting love?

utmost part of life, chased the mirage
did you find the pleasure points, the
infinitesimal link of hidden desire,
we searched all over, in the the magnificent
rainy days, darkness of thick clouds
somewhere in the allure moments
fascinated the corporal warmth and
the river of yearning became lunatic,
did you satisfy in the end of ignition?
in the wild, winter exposed with full bloom
we turned, as the curved lines of passion,
crossing the zenith from the earth
did you feel, inclusive zeal of extremity
autumn touched the stripped valley,
we roamed to hide for solitude but lost
the sense,as mating life on the nature
did you comply with the primitive love?
summer entered with new approaches
sweat odors changed into the floral touch
we breathed, mis together in a circle
lips provided the glacier sensation
did you think its the only everlasting love?
-- shantanu sanyal