Saturday, 11 September 2010


the serpentine trail of woodland
goes through the flying fogs
emotions derived as the subversive
flows of your mysterious eyes,
tried to touch the riddles of face
often the path misguided me,
weeds with tiny blossoms attracts
the toxic graceful flowers have
the silent glamour, i broken the myth,
nucleus of desire enfolded the
pleasures, full of nectar, thirsty
lips reject sometimes the effects,
leaning to love made me antitode
feelings became the cascade of
multihued, rainbow melts slowly,
heart is passionated to seize
all the veiled colors of the ecstasy,
i feel, your inclined face on the
barren chest, gives the new life
conclusions ! just leave it,
few moments are more precious
in the nearness, long life - - - -
who knows the next moment ?
--- shantanu sanyal