Monday, 21 March 2011


I know, the deserted sky, pain of night
dried lips, blinking tear drops in corner
of eyes, demolished lines of dwellings -
everlasting miseries of life, numerous
faces gazing towards blazing horizon!
the pathetic screams pierced silence
of darkness, I search the peace of mind
only in your proximity, how to snub the
truth of survival, knowing that death is
certain one day, tonight my desires say
the morning would be not cruel, dream
to see the thriving flora, smiling faces

I tried to get the refuge beneath your
lips, eyelashes, as a fetus inhales to see
the universe, loved you, criticized too!
this feeling that I am near to your heart
never let me to die, though destiny s
crucifixion always tried to detach soul!
in the sinking vessel of life I hold your
hand, tried to rescue from the swirling
waves of emotion, I do not know the
invisible crusader goes through your
body, brings me unexpectedly on the
land of new germinated tender leaves!
the flouting breath gets life consistently.