Monday, 21 March 2011


The wild fire burns in a sequence from
one mountain to other, looks beautiful
behind its remained the trails of residues
somewhere under the soot covered
soil, a dream waits for monsoon, shoot
of cane suddenly appears in the first
rain, the lilac wild spiny bloom fills the
zero space of life, tiny several streams
forms the fanatical river, erosion of
banks goes rapidly, the tall tree looks
towards the destiny, persistent layers
of clouds do not want to move from
the chest of sky, moon suffocates whole
the night, the dawn has its own priority
darkness of life chases its own shade
ubder the feet was hidden source of
spring, heart becomes the black buck
runs consistently on the arid land of
desires, mind creates the web of mirage
the glass shelves are decorated with exotic
books of philosophies, fire, wind, earth
ocean all together attacked my planet
I was vulnerable, muscles, bones, beauty
passion, around the nucleus of abdomen!
on the pyre, the golden cage melted to ash
I could not saved my masculine beauty !