Sunday, 20 March 2011


Spectrum of your beauty travels through
the wavelength of heart with mauve, as
colors play on the dendrite surface of the
amethyst, irregular lines of emotion carry
wordless saga of our proximity, unfolds the
prude behavior hidden within depth of
mind, perception forbid always to erupt!
this stable breathing creates artistic beauty
of love, I do not desire to break the dream
of premature morning, just you remained
on chest in form of crystalline dew drops!
the mirror reflects in multidirectional way
I hide you, as infinite radiance into the
internal profundity of heart, the victorious
smile of your face brings me in the world of
romanticism, in this misty beautiful valley
you look as a celestial creature flying with
apparent wings above the painted clouds!
dreams are falling down draped by snowy
touch, blooms are impatient to unfold the
glassy your persona, by scatter down!
your agitated emotions embraced me in a
manner, I overlooked to stretched my arms
its raining, or love submerged my life, often
I walk around in the circle of passion, often
you emerge by a large spectrum of mystery!