Tuesday, 22 March 2011


The journey towards the new destination
never ends, concern to know each other
in the depth of insight, we came nearer
to discover the reality of life, I tried to
reach in your subconscious, to measure
the intensity of desire, found life is very
short to love you, the moon rises above
the pine leaves with complete vivacity, in
the midnight, bunch of magnolia pastes
the wax on its body hiding under the dark
green foliage, creamy pink color from it,
reflects in your oval shaped face, puzzled
my sensation moves from ocean to sky!

Every moment the eternal beauty of your
love becomes deep to deepest, a curio
to see the all - inclusive blue by full of
luminaries, I often pray for an endless
night, how to keep all the contentment in
an album of life, heart searches the safe
heaven to hide clandestine, dissolving
emotions says, hang about in my guise,
as nectar detains internal corolla, blazing
flames give survival to sun since creation
in exchange it I could conceal the black
holes of life let me excel through gigantic
way to know your infinite depth of devotion!