Friday, 11 March 2011


The harmonious chorus at the zenith
evening entreaties moving towards the
multicolored sky, the universe of love
shrinking to greet each other from Atlas
mountains to Kilimanjaro, the autocrats
have no more choice apart from to admit
the mass verdict, the soul of Pharaohs
underneath the pyramids is liberated, the
light of compassion moves from the dust
of Sahara to valleys of Colorado, we have
the streamlined the caravan of love, amity
civilization screams for food, ware, justice
for survival, the darkness of night prays
to deity of light, eliminate the disparity
DNA,blood groups are infinite as even,
homogeneous destiny created by nature,
the flourish branches of cherries says let me
breath together, the bunch of emotion is
interlaced since origin of humankind, the
migration of flowers never changes the cologne!
the barbed hedges are man made, the
beauty of heart is munificent, just knows to
smile, pain and glee are the part of shadow
and light goes simultaneously on the valley
of life, in the world of adoration the line
of serverance is extinct, devoted clouds may
look black, they love to burst on barren land.